T.J. Ward poised to join some fast, and hard-hitting, company

By December 13, 2016 Highlights, News

TJ Ward & Steve Atwater of the Denver Broncos

In a defense with the likes of linebacker Von Millergrabbing headlines and sacking quarterbacks at almost every prime-time turn, some things might get caught and pushed aside in the jet wash of all that.

One of those things is that Denver Broncos safety T.J. Ward might be closing in on a slice of franchise history if he continues at his current, rather furious pace. He at least will put himself in some high-quality company with what he has done this season.

Eleven games into the season, Ward leads the Broncos with 69 credited tackles. The last safety to lead the Broncos in tackles for a season was Steve Atwater — in 1995, or Mike Shanahan’s first year as the Broncos’ coach, and Atwater finished with 185 tackles, 38 more than the runner-up.

“Those kind of guys make plays no matter what,’’ said Broncos defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, who coached Atwater both as Broncos head coach and defensive coordinator. Phillips was in that position in 1993, when Atwater also led the team in tackles.

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